Working with Ribbon Yarn

It is so easy to fall in love with ribbon yarn. Maybe too easy. My sister could not leave an LYS we visited without buying some, and she does not even yarn craft. Of course, she asked me to put that yarn to good use for her. No way was I going to turn down crafting time with a glistening, pink ball of ribbon yarn.

But, after starting the crochet sweater my sister chose, I kind of wished I had turned it down. The yarn kept slipping out of my hands while I was crocheting it; I felt like the yarn was in control of the crochet instead of me. I began to curse that lovely yarn. Ribbon yarn! So much trouble!

And yet, so pretty! It made me wonder what kinds of project might be better suited for ribbon yarn.

First, what are the qualities of ribbon yarn? Also called tape yarn, it is lightweight, wide, and flat; it generally does not have any stretch to it, but when loosely crocheted it has give and drape. It lends an interesting look to crochet stitches.

So, what to make with this kind of yarn?

Balls of ribbon yarn tend to have less yardage than other fibers, so smaller projects are an economical choice. Jewelry is a perfect project, like this beautiful, chunky Ribbon and Pearl Necklace, or this collection of chains in the Trellis Necklace, or this gorgeous, folded-ribbon Vintage Chandelier Necklace.

Ribbon yarn is great for decorative edgings, too. Make your main project with another fiber, and add embellishment with ribbon yarn: sweater edging, purse fringe, scarf decoration.

Another lovely way to adorn a project with ribbon yarn is to weave it into the spaces between crochet stitches.

And any crochet flower would be brilliant in ribbon yarn.

Larger projects are fine, too. Broomstick lace is loose enough to show off ribbon yarn really favorably, and this shawl works well since it is made of a very open stitch.

Whatever projects you choose to make with ribbon yarn, it is a good idea to go one hook size larger to make the foundation chain. Because ribbon yarn does not have any give, you will need the extra space to work into.

So, go ahead, make with ribbon yarn. Make anything, and enjoy it.