Prep for an Interview using AI

You can use AI to create an interview prep guide targeted to the the job and your experience. 

Photo credit: David Bastedo

Build your interview question example list

︎ Before the first time you prep for an interview, you’ll need to build your interview question example list. You’ll use this every time you prep for an interview.

  • In a Google doc or other text editor, build your example list by listing examples from past jobs that you could use to answer interview questions.
  • Each example should be in this format:
    - Unique name for this example: Description of the example that would help you answer an interview question. (keywords in parentheses, separated by commas)

Create interview prep materials using AI

︎ ChatGPT will create an interview prep guide that you can study for your interview.

  1. Have the job description and your example list handy.
  2. Enter this into ChatGPT, including pasting the job description and example list where noted.
    ︎ Important: Remove the brackets when pasting the job description and example list.

You are preparing for an interview.
Create a list of examples from the example list that match parts of the job description.
Also create a list of parts of the job description that do not match my example list.
I have added the Job Description under the header “Job Description”.
I have added examples under the header “Example List”.
Respond in the following format:

-**Part of the job description**: <bullet points from "Example List" that match the part of the job description>
-**Parts of the job description I do not have in my example list**: <bullet points>

Job Description:
[paste the job description here]

Example List:
[Paste entire example list here]

︎ ChatGPT will give you an interview prep guide in this format:
Item from job description:
Matching bullet point from your example list
Parts of the job description I do not have in my example list:
  • Bulleted list of job description items not in your example list

Good luck!